Snack Pack Program

Helping Local Kids in Need

Pekin Outreach Initiative originally started the Snack Pack Program in 2013 and currently serves 12 schools in the Pekin District area. The program was created with one purpose in mind: providing nutritious meals and snacks to kids who qualify in the Pekin area.

Each week, volunteers create and deliver snack packs to local schools, where they are distributed to students in need. Each snack pack consists of around 6 items. This includes a main meal, such as mac and cheese or ravioli, a granola bar, cereal, a fruit cup or pudding, and a couple of other snacks. The snack packs are delivered to the schools on Fridays so that kids who are in need can enjoy nutritious meals for the weekend.


Food Items Needed:

Microwaveable mac and cheese cups
Cans of ravioli or soup
Granola bars
Pudding cups
Fruit cups
Fruit snacks
Individual cereal boxes
Cracker and/or chip packs
Meat Jerky
Protein Bars
Microwave Popcorn
Fruit Juice

Giving Back to Your Community

The Snack Pack Program runs solely on the help of our volunteers and donations that come from local businesses and community members just like you!

Each snack pack costs $5 to make and PFCOG currently serves around 160 students at Wilson Elementary School on a weekly basis. Any donation goes a long way in sustaining our program and helping to ensure that every student in need has access to nutritious meals over the weekend.

How You Can Help

Monetary or food donations can be dropped off at the church between 8 am-12 pm Monday through Friday and 2 pm-4:30 pm Monday through Friday.  If you need to make arrangements for a different time, please call 309-347-4990 or email

For more information on the Snack Pack Program and how you can help families in your community, visit Pekin Outreach Initiative’s website.